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The testosterone level in male sex hormones is affected by obesity and overweight. This hormone needs to be raised to produce nitric oxygen, which acts to dilate blood vessels. A lower testosterone level can cause impotence in men who are unable to erect.

These sexual problems are more common in men who have more stomach fat than those who are healthy. Erectile dysfunction can occur even if the body weighs only 30 pounds.

Obesity, a serious condition that can cause erectile dysfunction and other health issues, is also a serious problem. For impotent men who are overweight, a weight loss plan is necessary to end the ailment. This will allow them to enjoy happy and fulfilling relationships with their partners. Surveys show that over 30% of overweight men experienced relief from erectile problems and were able perform better in sexual intercourse. Aurogra tablets are an effective treatment for male impotence. Males with flaccid erection can buy Aurogra 100mg Tablets UK online over the counter to get rid of soft erection and enjoy a happy conjugal life.

You can burn excess calories and balance cholesterol by following a strict exercise routine and eating a healthy diet. It promotes sweating, which helps to eliminate most of the toxins from the body. This promotes healthy hormone release and allows one to return to a normal sexual pattern. Male impotence can also be caused by heart disease, depression, and diabetes. They can also lose belly fat to combat these health issues.

Erectile dysfunction can be eliminated by weight loss in obese men. Ymedz.com, a reliable online drug store, is the best Website to buy Aurogra 100mg UK online. Before taking any medication to treat sexual problems, you must consult a board-certified physician.